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Our Story


My Name is Krista, my partner Steph & I are the owners & founders of UrbanDog Inc. At this time we have no employees, we run this small business full-time just the two of us at our facility located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

We are an LGBTQ family & pride ourselves on being inclusive to all

We have 2 young boys ages 4 & 7, 6 Dogs, Cyprus, Dutch shepherd x (4) Nitro Husky x (7) Vexx German Shepherd (1) Skye German Shepherd (9)  Switch Border Collie (2) Kuvo Mal x (under 1) , 2 Bengals named Rafiki & Zira.
Steph & I spend all our time training dogs, making gear & participating in dog sports. During summer months we spend a lot of time traveling, camping & trialing.

We started Urban Dog Inc as something entirely different then what it has become today. Our main focus for opening March 31 2020 was to provide quailty training gear at affordable pricing to our friends & training clients. I myself have a training company named structured k9 & I was having to purchase my training gear out of country just to find affordable, durable products. We had no intentions of making gear as a full time gig but fast forward to today, we now make and supply all kinds of unique training & every day gear from all types of different materials world wide!

We are dedicated to growing this company & becoming a staple for quailty unique dog gear world wide.  Our five year goal is to be a one stop shop for all things dog. From quality gear, to training, nutrition, play, sport, we have big plans for urban dog inc and we are so excited for you guys to be part of our journey.

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