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I have purchased several pieces from urban dog and I love their gear! It's beautiful and durable enough for my shepherd. I love the customization that you can do with colour and style. And Krista and Steph are so easy to work with and accommodating!



I’ve been a professional dog trainer for 10 years so I’d like to think I am pretty qualified to judge dog gear. Urban Dog by far is THE best gear I’ve ever used! Not only is it well made but the different gear options / color combos are endless! I use Urban Dog gear for all of my clients and my personal dogs! Not only is the gear the best but the customer service is even better! Truly an amazing company to support!

uziii bite.jpg


We LOVE Urban Dog! The quality is amazing; the design and functionality are wonderful. I love how I was able to personalize my Tactical ECollar Bungee with my dog’s gear colors. The collar is beautiful and I constantly get compliments on it. My other favorite purchase is my grippy leash, customized color, size and an ‘O’ ring at the end instead of a handle. This leash has great grip, it is soft and feels great in hand. Great gear that also looks sharp and stylish…what’s better than that?! I love sharing the shop with friends and club members!

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